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I have a Special Announcement! / Topeka Photographer

To some of you that know me, this may come as a Big surprise, especially since I have been saying that I think 3 kiddos is the perfect number…. But it only took once of my Sweet husband asking if I was sure I didn’t want another baby and I cracked! I mean seriously, I get to snuggle all of your cute babies all the time, which I LOVE but it is Hard to not want to have my own to snuggle and love all the time! :-)

Soo, I guess this is my way of saying, We are Having a Baby!!

This may explain my lack of posts, and sometimes forgetfulness, Please accept myĀ apology! However, I am now into the 2nd trimester and feeling a little more energy and alot less sick, so I plan to hit the next few months running! (or waddling!) lol.

Yes, this is an upside down baby! Just over 14 weeks, expected to arrive early September! (Photo taken just this morning!)

We told our Family on Valentines Day. Here is the message we made and mailed out as a “Message in a Bottle.”

Apparently we were a little too cryptic though, and had to explain to several of them that YES it meant we Are having a Baby!

Because we already have 2 Girls & a Boy, My dear husband wants to wait this time around to find out if we are expecting a boy or girl… I am thinking I just want to find out again. :-) What have you done?? I would love to hear your stories or Pro’s and Con’s!

Thanks for sharing in this special announcement with us!



My Sunflower Girls / Topeka Photographer


Last week I took a little time to take my own little beauties out for a shoot!

I may be biased, but aren’t they the most beautiful little girlies you have ever seen??

Living in Kansas for almost 10 years and I finally have photos of my girls in the sunflowers! Love my Kansas girls!


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“My Girls!” / Topeka Photographer

So, just in case you were wondering what I do in my “spare time”… Not only am I a full time wife, mother and photographer, but I also get to spend two days a week with the Young Woman ages 12-18 of my church. I am blessed to be one of their leaders (two of the other three can be seen in the group below!) and am grateful for their beautiful spirits and strength that they share with me. Amazing the things the youth of today can teach us all! They are our future, and if they were all as great as this group, our future would be bright!

We meet once a week together as a group and a few weeks back they all came into the studio and I got to take some fun Headshots of each of our beautiful girls. It was a great activity and one that we hope helped each of them see that they are not only beautiful on the outside, but the inside as well!

Love you girls!

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